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Chasing Investment: Grow Wisely and With Confidence?

The notion of capital investment comes with uncertainty and risk. Many companies have strong capital / expense policies designed to control investment and achieve ROI targets. The question becomes if all those projects achieved the stated ROI targets...why don't we see the bottom line results? Therein lies the rub. When digging beneath the surface, organizations retract from the original risk investment prospect and fall to the old risk aversion ways of trimming back the original expenditures and curtailing the go for it strategy. Many times the original investment thesis was not properly vetted or externalities impact the opportunity. However, organizational retrenchment to that which they know, compounds the problem. The so called safe fallback investment to what the competitors seemingly are doing is deemed safer than taking the market leading edge investment. In uncertain times and mixed economic signals, CFO's will reign in the budget to allocate capital away from risk and toward perceived must haves. Buckle up, more to follow...

Several practices prevent the remaining 95% of organizations from achieving efficient growth. These include chasing competitors’ capabilities, aversion to risk taking, overfocus on underperforming investments, and unprincipled cost management and investment decisions.


finance, risk, strategy

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