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Back 2 Office = Amp Up the Finance Transformation?

As finance organizations meander back to the office in a variety of forms (more hybrid than variants?), expect a plethora of finance projects to kick into higher gear. The hard thing about organization change management (OCM), tried during the remote work environment, was the lack of connective tissue amongst the teams. Implementing mass scale changes from afar was very hard with unclear "stickiness." Given the availability of the ready cash for project deployments, the need for automation, and the driving changes in customer demand, now more than ever... expect the digital transformation revolution to continue at a faster pace. We expect finance transformation to be even stronger. The question is can companies get their workers back to deploy new strategies with exciting technology advancements? RFP's are up, project requests are up... are company's ready to go?  Stay tuned...

Large-scale core financial management application projects have slowed as organizations struggle to execute major projects due to remote working and COVID-19-related issues. However, many projects slated five years out or more are being moved closer due to lack of capabilities with current applications.


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