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M&A Rumble...Lot's of Walking Around Money

The M&A market has been frothy since Q4, has been gangbusters through the first half of 2021. Seemingly, notwithstanding multiple expansion across many industries, the second half is poised to continue the M&A carnage. This bus has no brakes and should we skip beyond any COVID reoccurrence. We might be in for epic deal action for the remainder of this year. CFO's have been very busy throughout...lots more on the carveouts, SPAC, IPO, and merger integration front on the horizon. Good times for the deal teams...more to follow.

private equity firms hold a record $1.6 trillion in "dry powder, putting increasing pressure on deal-makers to identify investment opportunities quickly as the recovery picks up," according to Preqin. "Current trends for deals show no signs of slowing."


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