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Geopolitical Insights on the Future of Construction Projects

Invisible Risks and Hidden Opportunities

The intersection of geopolitics and globalization has created uncertainty in the global construction landscape, and no segment of the industry remains untouched. The resurgence of great power competition, the rise of nationalism, and the vilification of globalization as the fountain of inequality have manifested in policies that continue to leave tangible marks on the global construction industry. Over the last half decade, geopolitical events such as Brexit, trade conflict, and even the Coronavirus outbreak have injected volatility and uncertainty into the global construction industry, creating new operating and investment risks and revealing hidden opportunities for growth. One of the areas where miscalculated risks lurk include megaprojects. Megaprojects that rely on interconnected global supply chains, complicated financing, and strong political will, are subject to hidden geopolitical risk. Join Ankura’s roundtable of Geopolitical and Construction experts from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia who will discuss how the geopolitical climate and other industry trends have impacted Megaprojects and explore how these issues could further shape the future of them. 

Key themes include:

  • Delivery methods and systems
  • Project Financing
  • Labor issues
  • Continuing technical advancements


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