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FP&A 3.0: Not just for Finance

As the proliferation of financial technology applications designed for capturing data takes hold, the need for skilled artisans to work with that information has placed a greater strain on finance talent needs. Notwithstanding the latest "power is in the tool" mantra, the need for upsizing and refitting the finance organization with more skilled trained data analytics capabilities is at a premium. The role of consulting agencies to create, sustain and teach organizations to utilize the advances in data analytics is a common mandate. The expansion of analytics led by the FP&A team across the enterprise is at the forefront of the advancement in data analytics. Being able to drive the insights from analysis to action remains a challenge. That said, there are many opportunities for further development in 2022. The war on finance talent continues...

Technology innovation and automation are helping the CFO and office of finance to begin shifting efforts from manual back-office activities to delivering timely, accurate financial insights to business stakeholders


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