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Federal Judge Issues a Preliminary Injunction on the CMS Vaccine Mandate

An Eastern District of Missouri US District Judge has issued a preliminary injunction halting enforcement of the CMS vaccine mandate interim final rule for the ten state plaintiffs that banded together to raise a legal challenge.  

For an in-depth review of the CMS and the OSHA vaccine mandates, we invite you to watch the November 22, 2021 Privacy Roundup where Ankura experts Brian Annulis, Benjamin Bresnick, and Nick Weil discussed the CMS and OHSA rules as well as the privacy implications and legal challenges to both.  

A link to the recorded webinar can be found here:

"No one questions that protecting patients and healthcare workers from contracting COVID is a laudable objective. But the court cannot, in good faith, allow CMS to enact an unprecedented mandate that lacks a 'rational connection between the facts found and the choice made.'"


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