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Consultancy Perspective in FDI National Security Reviews

Today’s rapidly changing global political and economic environment is dramatically affecting the ways in which governments view their national security posture and corresponding approach to foreign direct investment (FDI) controls. As a result, the legal and regulatory landscape is evolving dynamically, with multiple emergent, impactful security and compliance requirements. These requirements must be addressed in a complex business and enterprise environment, frequently requiring expertise and capabilities across a range of disciplines (cybersecurity, data governance, physical security, supply chain, corporate governance, technology controls, finance, compliance, risk management, project management, strategic communications, etc.). Ankura experts Randy Cook, Waqas Shahid, Alan Levesque, and Vince Mekles authored a chapter in GCR’s Foreign Direct Investment Regulation Guide describing the role, value proposition and perspective of consultants in the FDI national security review system, with a particular focus on experience in the U.S. context.

Read the full guide here 

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