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How Digital Delivery Models are Reshaping Construction with Costain's Bryan Ormond

This latest podcast installment explores the relationship between digitalization in construction projects – one of the big issues the industry is currently facing. Ankura’s Bradley Burrowes discusses the state of the sector and where it’s heading with Costain’s Digital Delivery Lead Bryan Ormond and Ankura’s Jon Roe. Key themes:

    • The difference between digitization and digitalization
    • The current state of play in the industry
    • How culture and site behaviors can influence the integration of digital solutions
    • The importance of using data to drive insight and optimize performance
    • The blockers and enablers to integrating true digitalization in the construction industry compared to other sectors
    • Leveraging the right skills and attracting talent to maximize digitalization opportunities
    • Embedding standardization in the infrastructure pipeline

The sector sees digitalization as an opportunity they need to grasp but it's yet to be seen what the future holds and how many businesses will truly adopt digital solutions and these new ways of working.

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