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Raise Your VOICE: Shirley Franklin

As I reflect on Black History, I’m reminded of the true character, perseverance, faith, family values, love, traditions, hospitality, and the essence of community that shaped my foundation and beliefs. A rich history which I’ve proudly, with intentionality, passed on to my children and younger generations within my family.

I was raised in the south by parents whose ancestors taught them the value of education, a great work ethic, honesty, graciousness, and grit. Traits they willingly passed on to me and my six older siblings. We were taught and given the rich history of African American dreamers who were game changers like Rosa Parks, advocates like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., entrepreneurs like Madam C. J. Walker, inventors such as Garrett Morgan, and expounders like Maya Angelou, to name a few.

Their accomplishments, along with countless others, coupled with an insurmountable portion of faith that we gained through our association with the Black church, instilled a belief and passion in us to pursue every opportunity afforded us, as well as those that were not.

In passing along those traditions, beliefs, and tools to my own children, I’m proud to witness a current-day generation carrying on an opulent legacy, through my daughter who is a double entrepreneur and my son who has graced many stages, from the Kennedy Center to Broadway, as a talented singer.

Black History is a time of pride, celebrating and thanking those African Americans for giving all people hope, life lessons on integrity, leadership role models, and a determination that cancels defeat. “Knowing the past, opens the door to the future.” - Carter G. Woodson

This post is part of a series as Ankura celebrates Black History Month: we recognize significant achievements, honor traditions, and celebrate our colleagues. We are excited to share the stories of Black professionals at our Firm not only in February but throughout the year.

“Knowing the past, opens the door to the future.” - Carter G. Woodson


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