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Raise Your VOICE: Jordyn Peck

Growing up, I was not a girlie girl. I had no interest in Barbies or dress up or dance. I had an American Girl doll that went on a shelf, and I thought Buzz Lightyear was the coolest Disney character.

However, I remember as a kid that the Lego ads in the Toys ‘R’ Us Christmas catalogs (dating myself!) had girls playing with the Legos! And it was the Wild West set or underwater set, not the princess castle. That was one of the first times I remember feeling confident to have “different” hobbies—ones that weren’t traditionally female.

This type of visual representation, coupled with the confidence my parents instilled in both my brother and me to try new things, led to finding friends that had similar interests, rather than just trying to fit in. I found a passion for soccer. I majored in math. And professionally, it didn’t limit me in what I pursued, even if it was in a male-dominated industry. Without that foundation from childhood, I may not have had the confidence to pursue my passions like I do today, and I am thankful for it every day.

This post is part of a series as Ankura celebrates International Women's Day. We recognize significant achievements, honor traditions, and celebrate our colleagues. We are excited to share the stories of female professionals at our Firm throughout the year.


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