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Ankura Voices l Taking on the Challenge of Rowing an Ocean with Janette Potgieter

Is this Ankura voices podcast, Tanya Gross is joined by Janette Potgieter from our London Data & Technology team to speak about her inspiring adventure rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Janette competed in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge in December 2021, rowing more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic from La Gomera (in the Canary Islands) to Antigua (in the Caribbean) with an all-female crew.

The team of four, known as One Ocean Crew did not know each other before signing up for the challenge but united in their passion for adventures and the ocean. Listen to the full conversation as Janette explains the highs and lows of taking on this epic challenge of rowing non-stop, unsupported on an 8x1.5m boat for 40 days. She discusses the preparation and motivation behind taking on such a challenge, the opportunities and lessons learned, alongside the amazing achievement of winning the Female Class.

Race facts and figures:

  • Each team was expected to row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes during the race
  • At its deepest, the Atlantic Ocean is 8.5km / 5.28 miles deep
  • The waves can measure up to 20ft high
  • Team One Ocean Crew completed the crossing in 40 days, 4 hours and 7 mins
  • They covered 85nm in the last 24 hours before crossing the finish line
  • Janette’s average calorie intake was 4,600 calories a day and she still lost 7kg during the challenge
  • There is no toilet on board – rowers use buckets and they both cracked in the first 2 weeks!

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