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Treasury is Exciting... and... Where's My Data

The role of the treasurer has, along with many other functions in finance, gone through a metamorphosis over the recent years. Upsizing the revolver, managing through liquidity, tack-on acquisitions, hedging across a global supply chain, working through troubled credits, warding off activism... the list goes on and on. Now more than ever, the need for data in real-time and the speed to trade has reached warp speed. Our treasurers have been pushing the advanced analytics button hard and it is no surprise that artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are high on the needs list. Given the bumpy ride so far in '22 with inflation and currency risk exposures climbing, the role of treasury just got very interesting. More on this to follow...

Budgeting is a major challenge that treasurers must overcome to set up such systems. Nearly 90% of the respondents polled during the webinar cited lack of IT resources or allocation as the biggest hurdle to getting started with a data repository, followed by 14% who cited understanding the benefits to treasury.  


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