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Leveraging Technology to Improve Settlement Administration [Guide]

Four Technology-Enabled Solutions Shaping the Future of Settlement Administration 

As mass disputes continue growing in size and complexity, clearing the final hurdle to resolution requires that settlements be administered in a precise, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Forward-thinking settlement administrators are increasingly leveraging technology solutions to conduct successful settlement programs and reach smooth resolutions.

This Guide is designed to show where technology is having the largest impact by providing a sampling of ways in which administrators are embracing innovative technology solutions to improve the settlement process and efficiently administer resolutions for the most complex disputes. 

Download your copy of Leveraging Technology to Improve Settlement Administration today for expert tips and a sampling of ways to use technology-enabled solutions and tools to:

  • Increase transparency and improve accuracy
  • Accelerate the speed of fund distribution 
  • Streamline payment using automated tools and payment processes
  • Minimize costs and maximize efficiency


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