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The Need for Speed... 24/7

Investment in finance automation and having the answer on the ready has been a high priority for CFOs the past few years... it also comes with an unexpected "benefit"... the need for being "Always On." 

Oddly, the fight to get a strategic voice at the round table through the lens of finance has created the need for CFOs and their teams to be engaged 24/7 on data analytics and driving insights to actions. Now more than ever, given the advances in automation (digitize this), CFO teams have more information at the ready (or are expected to). The movement from keeper of the books, cash guardian, and budgets has rapidly moved to the new reality - the global business environment does not allow for sleeping. Building dashboards and automation of reporting is a good start... adding great FP&A teammates and developing flexible business intelligence tools is a must-have. Now, how do you eliminate the process bottlenecks, break silos, standardize / simplify reporting... to get to the answers?.... ask the bots!

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“It’s tied to ‘Always On,’” Ballinger said. “There’s no such thing as a weekend anymore or evenings — we’re always connected.”


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