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Ankura CTIX FLASH Wrap-up [Report]: August 2022

Discover the Latest Global Cyber Trends, Threats, and Popular APT Techniques

The CTIX FLASH Wrap-up prepared by Ankura's Cyber Threat Investigations and Expert Services (CTIX) team is intended to provide cyber professionals, end users, and executives a roundup and analysis of prevalent ransomware and malware threats, threat actor activities, and vulnerabilities impacting organizations across the globe. 

Read the FLASH Wrap-up to understand new threats, vulnerabilities and techniques including:  

  • Key learnings from DEFCON 30 and escalating attacks against Ukraine and those providing aid
  • Critical vulnerabilities to know and patches from Amazon, Google, and Cisco 
  • New Chinese-based attack framework "Manjusaka" used in Maldoc campaigns
  • Inside Twitter's massive data breach affecting 5.4 million accounts
  • Malicious Android apps serving adware discovered in Google Play Store
  • New "DarkTortilla" crypter malware 

Read the Report:

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