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Interim CFO? Tackle the Hard Things!

The age old problem in finance is what to do if the CFO leaves or there is a change of strategic plans for finance. Many times companies conduct a dual external search process and may nominate an internal interim candidate to plug the gap. Sometimes the nature of the role is such that a professional interim CFO is located to fill a gap for the external search process to take place. There is no right or wrong way to solve the opening, we just know it needs to be solved. Interestingly, the inclusion of an outside interim CFO can be a great kickstarter on a transformation process with a fresh perspective and get stuff done worklist. We encourage this process as a "pivot" to the next version of finance for our clients. Don't let a good crisis go to waste - tackle the hard problems and set a new course for the next permanent CFO to take the yoke.  

Based on current change environment and dynamic market changes, we expect to see a lot of interim CFO opportunities surface as clients hit the pivot button and require different skill sets. More to come...

what companies need from someone taking on the position for six months could be “very different” than what firms may be looking for out of a permanent CFO. Their short tenure means interims can be “very objective” and have a “big impact” at a company in a short period of time,


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