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No Pain... No Gain. Buckle up in Q4'22

So much volatility, so little time to react. CFOs are under pressure to navigate what is shaping up to be a wild and bumpy ride through the end of the year and into '23. Trying to navigate U.S. monetary policy impacts and the recession pressures in Europe and U.S. supply chains are hard enough. The U.S. midterm election drama will soon be resolved (at least before the end of the year).  

As we muddle (mudder?) through the remaining months of this year and recalibrate CapEx and op spending to top-line business challenges, no doubt the pressure will be on the CSuite to have ROI justifications at their fingertips. FP&A and BI teams will be drilling out rough 'n ready analyses to support spend management and last minute '22 shopping needs. Now is a great time to sync up cash forecasts, debt covenants, and credit exposure... who said treasury management wasn't exciting!

Now more than ever, governance and control over spending will take a front seat. How are your Delegation of Authority (DOA) matrices working out? Good time to review and challenge. More to follow...

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Fed officials have pledged to withdraw stimulus and hit their inflation target even at the risk of a setback for businesses and a slump in employment. “While higher interest rates, slower growth and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses,” Powell said in a speech in August.


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