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Ankura Cyber Threat Investigations FLASH Wrap-up [Report]: November 2022

Discover the Latest Global Cyber Trends, Threats, and Popular APT Techniques

Each month, the Ankura Cyber Threat Investigations and Expert Services (CTIX) team prepares this report to educate cyber professionals, end users, and executives about the latest ransomware and malware threats, threat actor activities, and vulnerabilities impacting organizations across the globe that your organization could encounter.

Read the FLASH Wrap-up report to find out the latest roundup of new threats, vulnerabilities, and techniques in order to start preparing now.

Highlights from the November roundup include:

  • Analysis of the Dropbox phishing incident and CircleCI's impersonation tactic that exfiltrated 130 GitHub repositories
  • An emerging clipper malware "Laplas" targeting cryptocurrency users via the "SmokeLoader" malware
  • How a financially-motivated threat group is actively conducting a massive website spoofing campaign 
  • How threat actors exploited a trending TikTok challenge to deploy malware

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