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Treasury is Exciting... Where's the Dough?

The current story of the unfolding banking crisis may turn into a brief "dust-up" infecting a limited number of banks or...go beyond the Milky Way. What is certain, is current customers and borrowers of those impacted institutions are facing their own crisis beyond uninsured Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) deposits and access to funds.  

The community of impacted business customers is large, unorganized, and in need of old-fashioned banking services, let alone access to basic capital needs. No doubt the commercial banking community is working at a fevered pace to transition accounts, albeit, subject to knowing your customer and the usual regulatory requirements. Hopefully, additional steps will be taken by regulators to unblock accounts and assist customers rapidly to keep basic commercial services flowing.  

The spillover effects of this crisis are not yet known. That stated, payroll is Friday, rent and utilities are due and the vendors want to be paid. Cash is king. This crisis may sound over.. is it?

Stay tuned for more action on the banking front...

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For now, the funds are unavailable for startups and other borrowers that have not drawn down the loans. Borrowers also face the risk of violating loan covenants if they withdraw deposits from their SVB accounts. That is if an eventual buyer of SVB's loan book would even honor the loan's original terms.


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