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Interim CFO? Off the Charts Need... Continues

The role of interim management has migrated over the years from financial intervention following a liquidity crisis to an expert on demand for transaction support. These days, the role has become a full-time staple of corporate governance to help guide companies through the corporate life cycle. This is no longer a hobby or a one-off role. 

We are seeing unprecedented demand for these interim management roles in our client base and CFO network. Finding the rightly suited individuals has been the domain of executive search firms over the years. With demand peaking (?), the need for these skills and capabilities has become a line of service for professional service firms as well. The real key is having a trained team ready to support the roles and drive transformation quickly. Assimilation of an interim manager into a company requires some nifty change management and communication skills to stabilize and accelerate the transition.

Never easy to introduce an interim officer during a corporate transition. More on this topic as well as the role of interim accounting officers ... stay tuned!

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Requests for interim CFOs rose 103% year over year, while the demand for interim controllers skyrocketed 233% and rose 71% for all interim finance talent. Requests for talent skilled in financial controls, accounting, and audit increased 76%.


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