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[Podcast] Labor Strategy Expert John Frehse on the Right and Wrong Ways To Treat Hourly Workers

In this episode of the Culture Leaders podcast, host Dr. Jessica Kriegel of Culture Partners welcomes seasoned labor strategy expert, John Frehse of Ankura. In this dynamic conversation, Frehse delves into the vital topics impacting workplace culture today including the state of unions, challenges in labor strategy implementation, the value of authentic engagement in leadership, and what to expect in the future.

Frehse shares his thoughts on the pivotal importance of frontline workers and takes us through the real-world experiences that have shaped his approach to effectively managing and valuing the hourly workforce and helping business leaders avoid the common pitfalls of poor leadership. 

Learn invaluable insights on organizational leadership, the power of empathy within the workforce, and the essential role that communication plays in achieving operational and cultural success.

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This podcast was originally published via Culture Partners on April 23, 2024. Learn more about the Culture Partners podcast here

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