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The State of the Auto Index and Vehicle Market in May 2024

The auto industry continues to navigate through a complex landscape of challenges and opportunities as we step into May 2024. In a detailed analysis provided by Ankura Consulting Group, LLC, a prominent global expert services and advisory firm, the latest trends in the auto index performance, rental car and mobility sectors, and the state of the vehicle market have been thoroughly examined. This summary aims to distill key insights from the comprehensive May 2024 newsletter, offering valuable perspectives for investors, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts keen on understanding the current dynamics of the automotive sector.

Auto Index Performance: A Comparative Analysis

Over the past three months, the auto index has notably underperformed against the broader markets of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ, recording a marginal gain of 1.3%. This performance is reflected in the weighted change of S&P Composite 1500 Automobiles & Components. Major players like Hertz Global Holdings and Avis Budget Group saw significant declines, while General Motors showcased an impressive 18.5% increase, highlighting the diverse outcomes within the sector.

The Pulse of the Rental Car and Mobility Market

The rental car sector, closely monitored through various industry indicators, shows a mixed yet insightful picture. TSA checkpoint travel numbers indicate a 5.7% increase in airline passenger traffic, suggesting a positive trajectory for mobility demand. However, the price of air travel has decreased by 7.1% compared to the previous year, hinting at broader economic considerations impacting consumer choices and mobility patterns.

ABS Markets and Fleet Management: Navigating Through Challenges

Asset-backed securitizations (ABS) and fleet management practices have come under the spotlight, especially considering the unique dynamics of auto ABS in the current economic context. With inflation remaining persistent and the anticipation of steady rates, the ABS market is experiencing a surge, particularly in auto ABS. This scenario presents both challenges and opportunities for corporate fleet owners in terms of liquidity management, fleet forecasting, and cost management to ensure sustainable operations and compliance with ABS credit agreements.

Market Update and Future Outlook

As the industry emerges from the COVID-19 environment, a renewed focus on capital efficiency and inventory management is observed. The normalization of the market, coupled with declining used car prices, sets a new stage for strategic planning and investment. Importantly, the role of finance teams in managing large fleet assets and navigating ABS complexities is emphasized, underscoring the need for detailed cash flow models and compliance with debt covenants.


The May 2024 newsletter from Ankura Consulting Group, LLC, provides a comprehensive overview of the auto industry's current state, marked by varying performances across sectors, emerging opportunities in ABS markets, and strategic considerations for fleet management. As the industry continues to adapt to economic pressures and evolving consumer preferences, stakeholders are encouraged to leverage these insights for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

This summary aims to serve as a resource for those looking to stay abreast of the auto industry's developments, offering a glimpse into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2024 and beyond.

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